4Batz Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Girlfriend

4Batz Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Girlfriend

4Batz Biography

Neko Bennett (born August 6, 2001) is an emerging American singer, songwriter, and rapper known professionally by the moniker 4Batz.

He came to the limelight in 2023 after the release of his successful single, act ii: date @ 8. The single garnered millions of streams globally and paved the way for the rising music act to collaborate with Canadian rapper Drake.


4Batz dropped his highly anticipated record, “act i: stickerz ’99,” on November 16, 2023, and it quickly became a massive hit, racking up over 1 million streams by November 28th of the same year. Riding on the success of his debut single, the rising star announced to his eager fans that another single, “act ii: date @ 8,” was on its way. The news sparked excitement among his growing fan base, eager to experience more of 4Batz‘s captivating music.

Early Life

4Batz was born on August 6th, 2001, in Dallas, Texas, to the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. His birth was marked at a local medical center, and he was officially registered as Neko Bennett. Growing up in a tight-knit Black American household, he spent his formative years in Dallas, soaking in the vibrant culture of his surroundings.

Attending renowned public schools in Dallas, 4Batz received his elementary and high school education, where he was affectionately known as Neko among family and friends. However, his passion for music led him to adopt the stage 4Batz, as he delved into the world of singing and rapping from a young age. Writing rap lyrics since middle school, he quickly gained recognition as the undefeated rap champion in his high school.

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Focusing on honing his musical talents during his final high school years, 4Batz boldly decided to forego traditional higher education and dive headfirst into a professional music career. Spending countless hours in recording studios, he dedicated himself to perfecting his craft and creating music that resonated with audiences. This dedication paid off in 2023 when he finally realized his dreams of joining the music industry.

4Batz Net Worth

4Batz has an estimated net worth of about $400,000 to $800,000 (USD).

4Batz is gradually building a fortune off his success in the music industry.

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